Vegan IS a fluid term. Back off vegan police.

After reading the uproar about Grimes’ latest post about being a vegan who takes breaks once in a while, I wanted to share my own thoughts on this subject and felt it so important that I gave it a whole page of its own here on my blog!

(To read about her post first, here’s a link —>

Personally, I say whatever way works for you is great. We all live in different locations and situations, so assuming ALL people can adopt the same level of commitment while we live in a society that works very much against this life style, is not realistic. For some, being 100% vegan may not be attainable at this moment and perhaps that person who has more hurdles (such as living in a non-vegan house and in a tiny town with no easy vegan options around at all) but works really hard to be 99% or even just 50% vegan, could quite possibly be more committed and work much harder than someone who is 100% vegan in an easy situation.

If you find it easy, good for you. But don’t judge those who find it hard and do it the best they can anyway. They are people to be inspired by, not judged. 🙂

BTW, for those who are wondering… currently, I am 100% vegan, BUT I live with a vegan partner (well, he’s a 99 percenter actually! 😉 ) and I live in Montreal which is a very vegan friendly city. I see my privileges and admit them. I have the utmost respect for the small town inhabitants who have to make waaaay more effort than I do, no matter what percentage that effort gets them to.

Maybe some day it will be a vegan world but until then, chill out and let the world transition in peace. Anything aggressive is NOT going to speed up that transition, in fact it will slow it down. When people get all rude towards those who are trying in some way, it makes the whole cause look unappealing and unwelcoming. I say commit as much as you can, every step is a step. And know that there are more vegans who support your efforts than jerks who judge you. There are no vegan police, only people who haven’t realized that living compassionately includes compassion for other humans too. How ever vegan you are, be it 100% or even if you only eat one vegan meal a week, we’re all on the same team.

Go team compassion! ❤ 😀


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